SIFRE was formed by members of local faiths in Suffolk in 1992.  It became a registered charitable company in 1994 and was wound up in 2017

         It had an Inter-Faith Centre at University Campus Suffolk

         It encourages people of different faiths to meet, share their traditions and promote mutual understanding.

         It took an active role in the inter-faith and multi-cultural process in Suffolk and East Anglia.

         It Collected and produced study materials and made them available for schools and other interested bodies.

         In conjunction with the East of England Faiths Agency, it offered a programme of events and training days for school children, students and professional people.

         It provided a range of activities for the general public.

         It promoted research and the exploration of ideas.

         It liaised with national and international inter-faith organisations and networks.

         It was committed to equal opportunities and encouraged people from different backgrounds to contribute their life experience and their scholarship.

         As a charitable company, it relied on the financial support of the local community.