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A compilation of Consultations
and Tea Party Tales
from SIFRE’s Senior Citizens.

Senior members of SIFRE have often met together over the years for friendship or as a consultative group for statutory bodies.  We have records going back to the early 1990s illustrating many of these activities, and we hope that the articles we have selected for this compilation will provide some useful and interesting perspectives.

Many of the challenges that have been faced by our older members and the issues that have been discussed by them are still relevant.  Their experience and their insights may provide valuable guidance in our contemporary situation.

We would welcome new members at the SIFRE Seniors’ tea-parties.  They usually take place on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Rope Walk, Ipswich.  Please contact Anna-Marie for more details at or via 01379 678615.

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Copies can be obtained from
Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource,

by phoning 01379 678615
or emailing