EEFA is a community interest company accountable to Directors
from around the East of England Region.


EEFA provides faith speakers to schools and other institutions
and arranges visits to places of worship.


EEFA runs academic courses on faith issues.
Courses are monitored by a Curriculum Steering Group.


EEFA manages The Multi-Faith Centre in Ipswich
The Multi-Faith Centre is a suite of rooms currently leased to EEFA
by the East of England Coop.  It is a facility and not a corporate entity
and a service group facilitates its use.


EEFA has enabled the formation of
The Faith and Spirituality Network (Suffolk).
This is an unincorporated small charitable body which links individuals to inform them of events, courses and seminars and to obtain ideas and opinions from them.


A Community Interest Company
Registration Number: 6046834
Registered in England and Wales


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