Our Inter-Faith Consultant has many years of experience working with chaplaincy teams and advising traditional Christian based chaplaincies on becoming Inter-Faith based chaplaincies.

If you wish to take advantage of this special service, please contact us to discuss your aspirations.

Whereas EEFA, charges specified rates for its services to schools, commercial and statutory bodies, we recognise that many groups in the voluntary sector are financially impoverished and cannot afford to pay these fees.  We do however believe that raising awareness of the nature of the faiths operating in our communities is important and we are willing to offer these same services to those sections of the voluntary sector without requiring a specified fee.

We will accept bookings from ‘cash strapped’ groups on the understanding that they are prepared to make a donation, which is commensurate with their financial resources, for our service


If you wish to book our services in accord with this understanding, please go to our schools’ pages and complete the on line booking form you will find there and we will respond accordingly.