The Game of Inter-Faith & Multi-Cultural Life


The Game Diversity© was devised and developed by officers of Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource in consultation with members and friends. It is a non-competitive board game which enables its players to learn basic information about the faiths now being practised in this country.  In addition, it encourages them to look at the appropriateness of statutory systems and processes and to consider the significance of personal encounters within our diverse and fragmented society.  It is very suitable for the teaching and training of almost all sections of our society; from primary school children to professionals working for the statutory bodies concerned with the welfare and care of our multi-faith and multi-cultural community.

The game invites each of its players to assume the identity of someone from a different faith section of society and to experience how that person might feel in daily dealings with fellow members of an ill-informed world.


A Training Course based around the game Diversity© involving tutors from different faiths can be arranged (e.g. a two hour training session run by a Facilitator can be provided for £100.00 plus the trainerís travelling expenses.  Additional input from one or more of our Faith Tutors can be provided at a cost of £100.00 per tutor/ 2 hour session.)

The game Diversity and its component ideas are copyright to Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource.  SIFRE ©1999